RAI Amsterdam



Historic Venue
RAI Amsterdam has been a key player in the global events sector for over 125 years, hosting approximately 300 events annually.

Economic Impact
Every euro spent at RAI generates an €8 return to the Amsterdam economy, benefiting local services significantly.

Sustainability Ambition
Aiming for 100% circular construction for exhibition stands by 2030, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship.


  • Post-COVID Recovery: Facing operational restart challenges post-COVID-19 with a 30% reduction in staff and two years without income.
  • Manual Processes: Existing solutions burdened by manual processes and excessive queries, needing innovation and improvement in service offerings.
  • Environmental Impact: A need to address the environmental impact of event operations, with a goal towards sustainability and reduced logistical movements.


  • Partnership with Art of Fiber: RAI Amsterdam partnered with Art of Fiber to create a tailored solution, introducing an innovative 3D eCommerce platform.
  • Immersive 3D Shopping Experience: Development of a cutting-edge platform enabling the creation of any exhibition stand in 3D, along with a user-friendly editor for adding products and designs.
  • Smart Delivery and Sustainability: Implemented a smart delivery system and a recycling initiative, supported by local sourcing to ensure streamlined production and fulfillment processes.


  • Efficiency and Reduced Emails: Dramatically reduced the average number of emails per exhibitor, simplifying communication and coordination with various suppliers.
  • Sustainability and Reduced Movements: Focused on a future of 100% circular stand building, reducing logistical movements by over 80% and recycling all materials.
  • Premium Branding and Growth: Enhanced exhibitor presence with custom-made stands, boosting repeat exhibitor growth by 30% and slashing support questions by 70%, ensuring peace of mind for all stakeholders.

That’s the art of fiber